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Neighbourhood PlanTue, 7th July 2020

Neighbourhood Plan




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Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan

A Vision Statement – Draft

In 2036, Redbourn is still a pleasant village to live in. It has retained its village feel, along with its particular individual characteristics, including its high quality built heritage, High Street and its green and spacious setting. 

Where development has taken place, this has been focused on providing for Redbourn’s changing needs. The barrier created by not having enough of the type of properties that people want has been broken down. Additional smaller units have been built, enabling both young first-time buyers and older ‘downsizers’ to remain in the village ( with all new dwellings built to Lifetime Homes standards so that they are capable of adaptation as people’s needs change through their lives). This has been achieved with development that is in keeping with the character of Redbourn, in particular ensuring that historic and listed buildings remain protected.

Redbourn has become a thriving hub for small, start-up businesses. The growing trend of self-employment has created a large number of start-up businesses. More residents now work locally.

The High Street is thriving in both daytime and evening, and the appearance of the High Street reflects that. This has been anchored by the re-location of Redbourn Library to co-locate with the Fire Station at the northern end of the High Street, also providing additional car parking for easy access to both the Library and High Street shops. The Redbourn Care Group’s bus garage has been retained as part of the redevelopment, enabling the Care Group to continue to help the less able members of the community. A pedestrian crossing has ensured easy access to the site.

Redbourn remains a village with a distinct identity sitting in a rural setting. Development has served to improve access to the countryside surrounding Redbourn, which itself is protected from inappropriate development. This means that more Redbourn residents are able to enjoy the countryside, including the Ver Valley’s Nature Reserve, which is run by a local community group of volunteers.

Redbourn Common is well loved and continues to provide a physical heart to the community, enjoyed for leisure activities by all. More formal leisure activities have been improved through the enhancement of Redbourn Leisure Centre.

The proportion of journeys made by non-car modes has increased. This is not only due to the improved shopping on the High Street and number of local jobs, but also through improved cycle links and footpaths to nearby towns. This has been delivered through contributions from development, and pride of place has been taken by improvements to access along the Nickey Line.

Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

Objective 1: Retain Redbourn’s role as a village with a strong heritage located in a high quality and accessible countryside setting.

Objective 2: To provide for the changing housing needs of the community, particularly the growing need for smaller properties by first-time buyers and older ‘downsizers’.

Objective 3: Make Redbourn a hub for start-up business and commercial enterprise.

Objective 4: Provide new community facilities and recreation space to address the needs of the growing population.

Objective 5: Increase walking and cycling movements through improved footpath and cyclepath provision. 




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