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Neighbourhood PlanWed, 25th April 2018

Neighbourhood Plan

Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan website: http://redbournplan.org.uk

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The Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now been completed and was approved by Redbourn Parish Councillors at a meeting of the Full Council on 20th October 2016. At this same meeting, it was recommended that the draft plan in its entirety be sent to St Albans District Council (SADC) requesting them to give initial informal feedback on the Plan.  In addition to this, it was recommended that SADC determine whether or not a Specialist Environment Assessment (SEA) is required. This may be necessary because all the sites being considered in the Plan are currently in the Green Belt and some, like Site 2 Land East of Redbourn, provide a rich habitat for various different species of plant and wildlife.

Representative from the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party met with SADC officers in January and received very complimentary feedback on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  No significant changes were needed; however SADC did request a further report on the justification of taking sites out of the Green Belt. This has now been done by the planning consultant working on the Neighbourhood Plan and concludes that there is justification for use of Green Belt land in this case.

On 21st February, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party met to discuss all these issues further. It was agreed at that meeting that SADC would be asked to establish if an SEA was necessary.  Throughout the whole Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan process, the working party has always considered the Plan within the wider context of ongoing developments in the District of the Strategic Local Plan (SLP). Following a hearing on 26th October 2016, the Government Inspector raised issues in his report with the SLP, regarding the ‘duty to co-operate’ with neighbouring Councils, housing numbers and lack of infrastructure. SADC have challenged these findings and a Judicial Review will now be held in early June.  As a result of this uncertainty with the SLP it was agreed to pause all further work on Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan until the outcome of the Judicial Review is known.


Sites Proposed for Allocation in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Following extensive consultations with the community about the sites proposed for development in Redbourn, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party has now met to consider resident’s feedback alongside the technical assessments and made a decision about which sites we will be proposing for allocation in the draft Neighbourhood Plan. 

Out of the original 9 sites, 4 sites have been rejected as being unsustainable and/or not meeting the objectives of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan as effectively as the selected sites: 
Site 1 Greyhound Meadow
Site 6 South West Redbourn
Site 8 Between Redding Lane, Lybury Lane and A5 
Site 9 Hemel Hempstead Road. 
Of the 5 remaining sites 4 are proposed for allocation in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for housing-led development:
Site 2 East of Redbourn
Site 3 Land North of Blackhorse Lane
Site 4 Land off Dunstable Road
Site 5 Bridge Nursery, Dunstable Road
With Site 7 Gaddesden Lane offering space for business use.
The Neighbourhood Plan Working Party will now focus its efforts on completing the Draft Plan, including looking in more detail about the size and type of housing and community facilities based on feedback from residents and measured against the vision statement and aims and objectives. We hope to achieve a complete first draft of the plan by the end of July. Shortly after that we will commence the formal consultation process where we will be asking for your views on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.
In the meantime we want to hear any views you may have on whether the sites proposed will meet the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan. We can be contacted via our website, Facebook or at the Parish Council.


Redbourn Neighbourhood Plan: A Vision Statement – Draft

In 2030, Redbourn is still a pleasant village to live in. It has retained its village feel, along with its particular individual characteristics, including its high quality built heritage, High Street and its green and spacious setting.  Redbourn continues to flourish as a village in a rural setting. Local developments have been carefully managed not to disrupt the heart of the community.

Where development has taken place, this has been focused on providing for Redbourn’s changing needs. The barrier created by not having enough of the type of properties that people want has been broken down. More, smaller units have been built, enabling both young first-time buyers and older ‘downsizers’ to remain in the village, with all new dwellings built to Lifetime Homes standards so that they are capable of adaptation as people’s needs change through their lives.  This has been achieved with development that is in keeping with the character of Redbourn, in particular ensuring that historic and listed buildings remain protected.

Redbourn has become a thriving hub for small, start-up businesses. The growing trend of self-employment has created a large number of start-up businesses and the provision of incubator space, to complement that already at the Hot Office, has provided for those seeking small office and workspace facilities on flexible terms. More residents now work locally.

The High Street is thriving in both daytime and evening, and the appearance of the High Street reflects that. This has been anchored by the re-location of Redbourn Library to co-locate with the Fire Station at the northern end of the High Street. The Redbourn Care Group’s bus garage has been retained as part of the redevelopment, enabling the Care Group to continue to help the less able members of the community. A pedestrian crossing has ensured easy access to the site.

Redbourn remains a village with a distinct identity sitting in a rural setting. Development has served to improve access to the countryside surrounding Redbourn, which itself is protected from inappropriate development. This means that more Redbourn residents are able to enjoy the countryside, including the Ver Valley’s Nature Reserve, which is run by a local community group of volunteers.

Redbourn Common is well loved and continues to provide a physical heart to the community, enjoyed for leisure activities by all. More formal leisure activities have been improved through the enhancement of Redbourn Recreation Centre. It has been further protected from development through its designation as a Local Green Space.  The protection of public green space has been complemented by the provision of additional allotment space to serve the growing demand for self-sufficiency.

The proportion of journeys made by non-car modes has increased. This is not only due to the improved offer on the High Street and number of local jobs, but also through improved cycle links and footpaths to nearby towns, as well as improved bus services. This has been delivered through contributions from development, and pride of place has been taken by improvements to access along the Nickey Line.

Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

Objective 1: Retain Redbourn’s role as a village with a strong heritage located in a high quality and accessible countryside setting.

Objective 2: To provide for the changing housing needs of the community, particularly the growing need for smaller properties by first-time buyers and older ‘downsizers’.

Objective 3: Make Redbourn a hub for start-up business and commercial enterprise.

Objective 4: Protect the valued green spaces in Redbourn and provide new community facilities and recreation space to address the needs of the growing population.

Objective 5: Increase walking and cycling movements through improved footpath and cyclepath provision.




To see the outcome of the "REDBOURN SURVEY: 2020 vision" click on:                      yyy                     pppRedbourn Survey 2012-13 . 

As well as informing the Neighbourhood Plan, Redbourn Parish Council has produced a set of short and long term OBJECTIVES based on the Survey. To view these objectives click on: RPC Objectives