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Planning CommitteeTue, 7th July 2020

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets every 4 weeks on a Tuesday evening at 7.30 to discuss planning applications within the parish boundary. The Committee does not grant or refuse planning applications, it only makes recommendations based upon local knowledge and planning policy. St Albans Distict Council makes the decisions taking into account the views of the Redbourn Planning Committee.  To find out more about this committee's responsibilities, please click here

Please click here to see meeting Agenda's and Minutes

St Albans District Council have an online system called My Service Planning where the history of all planning applications for the District can be found. Please click here to take you to the planning search page. For general information on St Albans Planning click here

Redbourn Parish Council's recommendations can be found in the planning logs in the documents section of the website click here

Article from the Redbourn Parish Council Newsletter:

PLANNING DECISIONS how does it all work?  

by Cllr. David Mitchell, Chairman of RPC 

 Once a Planning Application has been lodged with St Albans District Council, what role does Redbourn Parish Council play?

Before a decision is made to approve or refuse an application, there is a period of consultation. Redbourn Parish Council is sent details of all applications within the Parish, and these are considered at our Planning Committee meetings held every four weeks. The agenda is posted on our notice boards and on our website, and you can also contact the Clerk. Members of the public are welcome at these meetings and are allowed to have their say. The Redbourn Planning Committee makes a recommendation to the District Planning Officers based on Planning Policy and our own local knowledge. Our view is only advisory but Planning Officers do take note of the Parish Council’s comments when they make their decisions.

During the consultation period, there is also a process whereby a contentious planning application is “called in” by a District Councillor who can demand that it goes before Plans North. This is a committee made up of District Councillors who make the final decision to grant or refuse the application. Anyone can ask a District Councillor to call in an application but the Councillor will only do so if they feel there are reasonable grounds. The Redbourn Planning Committee occasionally asks a District Councillor to call in an application if it concerned that the Planning Officer might reach a decision that it strongly disagrees with.

Plans North meets every four weeks at the Civic Centre in St Albans. Members of the Public can speak by contacting the District Council on the day the committee meets. You will be given three minutes to argue your case, for or against. A Redbourn Parish Councillor will also speak if appropriate. If you can’t attend but have internet access, the meeting is webcast at www.stalbans.ukcouncil.net/site/.